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Preparing for your Design Consultation:

At your Design Consultation, we start with the finished artwork in mind. Your Appointment will last about 40 minutes and will cover all aspects necessary to create a truly unique experience and artwork that represents your family, including individual personalities, family dynamics and relationships. Please try to come without children so that you can fully concentrate on the planning process and make decisions on style, location, and time of day together, uninterrupted. If you are part of a couple, please ensure that both of you can be in attendance for this crucial part of the process; you're both needed for the design of your family artwork. It’s a chance for you to talk together about the types of artwork that might look nice in various places in your home. Please also plan to come together so we can start your meeting all together. Once you’re here, you can both have input in the style, mood, spirit, and details of your family artwork.

Note: Please choose an appointment time that you are fairly certain you can keep. To provide top level service to all our clients, and to avoid a cancellation fee to rebook, we require at least 2 weeks notice to reschedule appointments.


Last updated Aug.17, 2017